Reseller Bundle - Small

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You always wanted to start reselling? Then this very limited Vintage reseller bundle is the perfect decision for you! Watch the video to see what it contains.

The bundle is worth 715,00€ giving you an amazing opportunity to make profit. 


This Bundle exactly contains 13 pieces:

  • 1x Nike Spellout Hoodie
  • 1x Nike Puffer Vest
  • 3x Nike Trackjackets
  • 1x Nike Trackpants
  • 1x Nike Jogger
  • 2x Lacoste Sweater
  • 2x Nike Sweater
  • 2x Nike Shirts

average price per piece: 21,53

More Infos:

Sizes are mixed

Clothes can always show some signs of wear

(The first Picture is an example picture)

(exchange excluded for this bundle)




The Piece is unworn and new with the original label!

Very good

The piece is already worn, but is in a very good condition and has no defects.


The piece is already worn and in a good condition. It could show some signs of wear like stains, small holes and other nuances. If it has any defects you have to check the description or the last pictures!


The piece is alright. It has been worn more often and you can clearly see that. It could maybe have bigger stains or defects. If it has any defects you have to check the description or the last pictures!


The piece is clearly in a bad condition and has defects or you can see that it is worn heavily. Check the description or the last pictures for defects

If the Condition is not stated as *Deadstock in the description of an article it is a used pair of clothes. Please notice that these can always contain small traces of dogs/cats hair because the pre-owners maybe had animals in their household. Please take care of this information if you are allergic against one of these things! If you are not, you don't need to worry about anything.